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Want to build your own tiny house? Need some help?

We offer full service design and consultation services tailored your needs, wants and desires. Let us assist you in designing your blueprints, floor plans, kitchen and bathroom design, mechanical layout and interior design. We take the guess work out of the building process by offering you full access to our design team. We build your custom DIY plans based on your vision and ideas, help you understand the building process, suggest building products and materials and ultimately act as your own personal design/ construction management team! With virtual design service or site visits and consultations, we can help you make your dreams come to reality. 


- Full DIY building blueprints -

 - Tiny house 3d modelling - 

 - Mechanical layout designs -

- Custom storage modelling -

- Full interior design services -

- Building advice/ consultations -

- Cut lists/ materials list -


Contact us to set up a private consultation with one of our skilled design team members to get started today! 

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