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Our Mission

So your thinking about building a tiny house? Great! You are in the right place. Our passion for tiny homes has helped us develop some pretty awesome tiny home plans for our customers and we want to share that experience with you! We have been building and shipping tiny homes across North America for the past 5 years and our team has developed these comprehensive, detailed and simplified plans just for you. We feel that with a little building/ construction knowledge, you should be able to build your dream tiny home, that is safe, practical, beautiful and within a defined budget by purchasing a full set of our DIY tiny home plans.

Refunds and Returns

Because our plans are specific to our custom designs, there is a no-return policy on all our plans. We want you to be happy with your purchase so we are happy to answer any questions you may have before you purchase any of our plan packages. We also offer virtual design services and consulting to help you with your project if you feel you may need a little extra help. You can find our disclosure statement HERE.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments


Terms and Conditions

All plans and illustrations contained in this publication are the exclusive property Summit Manufacturing Co. and reproduction in whole or in part is strictly prohibited by law. Reproductions or even altered reproductions of these plans is prohibited and will be prosecuted

by law if not adhered to. Commercially developing or producing a product using these plans or altered plans is prohibited and will be punishable by law.


All tiny home plans from Summit Tiny Homes are provided as a reference tool and are not intended to act as code compliancy, engineering documents or other certification documents. Summit Manufacturing disclaims all other warranties, express or implied, including merchantability or fitness of purpose. Tiny house plans may not be returned for credit and/or refund under any circumstances.


Summit Manufacturing Co. is not liable for incidental, special, consequential, or indirect damages of any kind, including, but not limited to, loss of anticipated profits, business opportunity or other economic loss arising out of the use of services or any tiny house plans received from Summit Manufacturing Co. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the accuracy, compliance with applicable statute(s), regulation(s), building codes, governing authorities and motor vehicle authorities and fitness of purpose of any plans or construction information received from Summit

Manufacturing Co. prior to the use thereof. In the event that any liability is imposed on Summit Manufacturing Co,, Summit Manufacturing Co’s liability to you or any third party shall not exceed the price paid for the tiny home plan product.


Plan Usage

1. All plans are protected and owned solely by Summit Manufacturing Co. Any use of the information contained herein beyond the onetime use authorized by a purchase of prints, or any duplication, publication, sale or distribution of any part of these plans without the prior written consent of the Original Designer represents a violation of Federal Laws subject to the prescribed penalties.


2. Any use of the plans, or modifications of the plans, by purchasers, builders or others is done at their own risk. Licensee should have the plans reviewed by a local professional architect or engineer before the start of construction. The information contained within the construction documents is intended to depict design and basic construction detailing. It is the builder's responsibility to provide standard construction details and practices which will result in a structurally sound and weatherproof finished product. If a builder purchases such plans, the builder must represent Summit Manufacturing Co. as the designer and owner of the design of the home being built. The plans shall not be used to produce multiple units for re-sale, commercial purposes or financial gain.

Plan Content

1. Licensee should have a local electrical engineer, mechanical engineer or builder oversee the mechanical aspects of the construction including but not limited to: structural, electrical, plumbing, gas and hvac installations. The plans provided by the Designer are not stamped or signed by an architect, designer, or engineer. Local building codes, laws, regulations, or departments may require the Designer's plans to be signed and stamp by an engineer and/or architect. Revisions to the plans required by local building department, codes or certifications are not included as part of the sale. Modifications to a particular plan may be provided by the designer for an additional fee.


2. These Plans provide ideas and concepts and are not intended to be complete in all respects and details. Variations in standard sizes of window and door brands and types and use of different materials and thicknesses can change details. Varying local codes, ordinances, regulations, and the layout of electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems can also change details.


Responsibility of Builder's

1. It is the responsibility of the builder to assure that all work is in accordance with the latest edition of all applicable Nation, State, and Local regulations, road laws and certifications. It is the builder's responsibility to ensure that all work is conducted in accordance with the latest edition of all applicable Standards.


2. It is the responsibility of the builder to ensure that all manufactured articles, material, and equipment are applied, installed, connected, erected, used, cleaned, adjusted, operated and conditioned as directed by the manufacturers. Builder shall follow all instruction to sustain

and preserve all expressed or implied warranties and guarantees.


3. It is the responsibility of the builder to assure that all materials, equipment and components are new and of good quality.


4. It is the responsibility of the builder to check all dimension and details for overall accuracy appropriate to the local conditions and the final selection of materials such as trailers, floor joists, lumber, structural members, construction panels, roofing, etc., all of which can create variations in dimension and details.



1. Names of materials and manufacturers shown on the Plans do not represent an endorsement or recommendation by the Designer. Final selections of materials are the responsibility of the home Client and/or builder, including, but not limited to proper installation of materials, nailing, gluing, caulking, insulating, flashing, roofing, weatherproofing and many other small items and details not necessarily indicated on the Plans, and over which the Designer has no control or responsibility. The Designer shall not be held liable for any errors, omissions, or deficiencies in any form by any party whatsoever.

Summit Manufacturing Co.

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