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The Hummingbird 34'




The Rundown:

The Hummingbird brings a modern twist to a rustic design that is warm, functional and woodsy. This tiny home is designed specifically for someone who wants a ground floor bedroom for a spacious feel. This Hummingbird is spacious and functional with a galley style kitchen, a spacious bathroom accessed through the kitchen or bedroom, an airy, relaxing living room and an extra loft for storage or sleeping. The Hummingbird flows nicely and has great storage options, a large window package and a focus on rustic finishes. Group all three plan packages to get the most of your building experience!

Sleeps: 2-3

Size: 250 sq.ft

Weight: 17,000 lbs (Approx.)

Length: 28 ft.

Width: 8.5 ft.

Height: 13.5 ft.

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